VM600 IOC8T input/output card for AMC8 card

High-quality, high-reliability interface (input/output) card for the AMC8 analog monitoring card used by VM600 rack-based machinery monitoring systems. The IOC8T card supports 8 temperature or process monitoring channels, all of which are independently configurable. An IOC8T interface card is installed in the rear of a VM600 ABE04x rack, directly behind an AMC8 card, to form a card pair.

  • Input/output (interface) card for an AMC8 card – supports 8 temperature or process monitoring channels
  • Configurable signal input with current source output per monitoring channel
  • DC output configurable as current-based signal (4 to 20 mA) or voltage-based signal (0 to 10 V) per monitoring channel
  • 4 configurable relays with three contacts available per relay, and alarm reset (AR) and danger bypass (DB) control inputs
PARAMETER Value (Imperial | Metric)
Monitoring system (application) Machinery protection
VM600 system function Machinery protection
VM600 system component Interface (input/output) card
VM600 component function Analog monitoring
VM600 component and rack compatibility ABE040, ABE042, ABE056
VM600 card measurement channels 8 temperature or process monitoring channels