IPC704 signal conditioner

Signal conditioner for use with accelerometers (CA) and dynamic pressure sensors (CP).

The IPC704 signal conditioner is a high-quality, high-reliability charge-converter for use with piezoelectric sensors: CA accelerometers and CP dynamic pressure sensors.

The IPC704 is highly configurable (transfer function with optional integration, input and output sensitivities, high-pass and low-pass filtering), and provides either a current output or a voltage output. It is available in two versions for sensors using different piezoelectric materials (that is, standard piezoelectric material or GaPO4 piezoelectric material).

The IPC704 is designed and built for long-term use in environments characterised by hazardous areas (potentially explosive atmospheres).

Note: The IPC704 signal conditioner is being replaced by the IPC707 signal conditioner.

  • Signal conditioning for CA accelerometers and CP dynamic pressure sensors
  • Very wide frequency range (0.5 to 20000 Hz) with configurable high-pass and low-pass filters
  • Configurable transfer function (input sensitivity, output sensitivity and units), with optional integrator to provide a velocity output
  • Current output for signal transmission over long distances or voltage output for signal transmission over short distances
  • Certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
PARAMETER Value (Imperial | Metric)
Output type Current (2-wire) or voltage (3-wire)
Measurement system CA vibration or CP dynamic pressure
Sensor CA accelerometers or CP dynamic pressure sensors
Sensitivity See transfer function characteristics and curves in data sheet
Frequency range 0.5 to 20000 Hz
Linearity ≤0.2%
Operating temperature range −22 to 185 °F | −30 to 85 °C
Protection rating IP40
Hazardous area certifications Ex ia, Ex ib, Ex nA, AEx nA