VM600 IRC4 intelligent relay card

High-quality, high-reliability intelligent relay card for VM600 rack-based machinery monitoring systems. An IRC4 intelligent relay card is installed in the rear of a VM600 ABE04x rack.
  • Additional relays, driven by equations with up to 86 inputs from MPC4 and/or AMC8 cards for when more complex logic such as 2oo3 voting is required
  • 8 relays configurable as 8 SPDT or 4 DPDT
  • Fully software configurable using the IRC4 Configurator software
  • Relays configurable as normally energised (NE) or normally de-energised (NDE), with configurable delays
  • All relay contacts are available on the screw-terminal connectors
PARAMETER Value (Imperial | Metric)
Monitoring system (application) Machinery protection
VM600 system function Machinery protection
VM600 system component Relay card
VM600 component function Intelligent relay
VM600 component and rack compatibility ABE040, ABE042