K230 cable

High-quality, high-reliability cable for use with cable assemblies and measurement chains.

For use in harsh environments characterised by high temperatures and/or hazardous areas (potentially explosive atmospheres).

Note: The K230 cable is based on the K205A cable.

  • Very high-quality, reliable, low-noise cable for cable assemblies and measurement chains
  • Low-noise, twin-core, twisted-pair cable with PTFE insulation, anti-microphonic material, PTFE outer sheath, glass-fibre overbraid and metallic overbraid (Ø6.1 mm max.)
  • 2 multi-stranded conductors (2 x 0.45 mm2 cores), with shield
  • −54 to 200 °C (−65 to 392 °F) operating temperature
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
PARAMETER Value (Imperial | Metric)
Operating temperature range −65 to 392 °F | −54 to 200 °C
Length From 3.3 ft (in steps of 3.3 ft) | From 1 m (in steps of 1 m)
Protection PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) outer sheath
Number of conductors 2