VM600 MPC4SIL machinery protection card

High-quality, high-reliability machinery protection card – with SIL 1 approval – for VM600 rack-based machinery monitoring systems. The MPC4 card provides 4 dynamic channels, all of which are independently configurable. An MPC4SIL machinery protection card is installed in the front of a VM600 ABE04x rack and requires an IOC4T card to form a card pair.

  • 4 dynamic channels
  • 2 processed outputs per dynamic channel and 1 processed output per dual-channel (2 per MPC4)
  • Highly configurable card supports a subset of SIL 1 approved measurements for machinery protection, including relative and/or absolute vibration
  • Highly integrated card pair (with IOC4T) includes sensor power supplies, buffered outputs, DC outputs, relays and serial communications interfaces
  • Designed for operation with the VM600 MPSx software
PARAMETER Value (Imperial | Metric)
Monitoring system (application) Machinery protection
VM600 system function Machinery protection
VM600 system component Processing card
VM600 component function Machinery protection
VM600 component and rack compatibility ABE040, ABE042
VM600 card measurement channels 4 dynamic channels