SG164 cable feedthrough

Robust cable feedthrough for use with proximity sensors (TQ).

The SG164 is a high-quality cable feedthrough for use by up to four TQ4xx cables, available with a range of adaptor threads. For use in harsh environments characterised by high temperatures, high pressures, and/or corrosive environments.

  • High-quality, robust cable feedthrough providing a splash-proof passage through a machine casing (housing) for the integral cables of up to four TQ4xx proximity sensors
  • Two adaptors (mating halves) and a Viton® seal to secure up to four coaxial cables (Ø 2.6 to 3.6 mm), isolating the machine and its contaminants
  • Nickel-plated brass feedthrough with a Viton® seal
  • Wide range of adaptor threads for the cable feedthrough
  • −25 to 200 °C (−13 to 392 °F) temperature range, IP68 protection rating, 10 bar pressure rating
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Type of accessory Cable feedthrough