VM600 IOCR input/output card for CPUR card

  • Input/output (interface) card for CPUR card


Input/output card for VM600 CPUR rack controller and communications interface card.

The VM600 CPUR and IOCR rack controller and communications interface card pair is a central processing unit (CPU) card pair that acts as a system controller and data communications gateway for a VM600 rack-based machinery protection system (MPS) and/or condition monitoring system (CMS) from Meggitt’s Vibro-Meter® product line.


  • Input/output (interface) card for CPUR card

Additional information

Monitoring system (application)

Machinery protection, condition monitoring, combustion monitoring

VM600 system function


VM600 system component

Processing card

VM600 component function

Rack controller and communications interface

VM600 component and rack compatibility

ABE040, ABE042

VM600 communications interfaces

Modbus RTU/TCP

VM600 rack alarm reset (AR)


VM600 MPS rack (CPUx) security


VM600 event logs

System event and measurement event logs (up to 1000)

VM600 output relays


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