Machinery protection module MPC4Mk2 + IOC4Mk2

Designed to operate with the second generation of VM600Mk2 rack-based machinery protection system.

The MPC4Mk2 + IOC4Mk2 module consists of processing and input/output (interface) modules that provide 4 dynamic and 2 auxiliary channels of machinery protection and optional condition monitoring in VM600Mk2 systems.



The machinery protection module MPC4Mk2 + IOC4Mk2 provides:

  • 4 dynamic channels and 2 auxiliary channels of machinery protection and condition monitoring.
  • 4 user-configurable relays for alarms and 1 common-circuit fault relay.
  • Diagnostics (BIST) with system-wide safety line to drive all associated protection system relays and analog outputs to a safe state.


Available modules

  • MPC4Mk2 + IOC4Mk2
  • MPC4Mk2 + IOC4Mk2 with CMS capability
  • MPC4Mk2 + IOC4Mk2 SIL2

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