VibroSight Configurator – monitoring system hardware configurator

Application software used to configure VM600 or VibroSmart monitoring systems. Configurator can also be used to configure the external interfaces with third-party devices using industry-standard protocols such as Modbus and OPC.



VibroSight Configurator is the client application software module used for the configuration of VM600 rack-based machinery condition monitoring system (CMS) hardware and VibroSmart® distributed monitoring system (DMSs).

More specifically, it is used to configure:

  • VM600 XMx16/XIO16T card pairs (and CPUx/IOCx card pairs).
  • VibroSmart VSV30x/VSB300 modules, VSI010/VSB010 modules (and VSN010 devices).

The configuration determines the required measurements from the machinery being monitored. The configuration of specific parameters for the machinery being monitored is also required, for example, in order to allow data logging and the capture of transients. VibroSight Configurator is also used to configure other system functionality such as external interfaces using industry standard protocols such as Modbus and OPC to third-party devices.

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