VibroSight Scope – VibroSmart direct communication

Lite-client application designed to directly communicate with VibroSmart modules so that users can operate the system and view live measurement data, as well as the status of relays and DSI controls.



VibroSight Scope communicates directly with a VibroSmart distributed monitoring system, whether it is a single module or a network of multiple measurement blocks.
Unlike most of the VibroSight software modules, which use a client-server architecture, Scope is a lite-client application that communicates directly with
VibroSmart modules (bypassing VibroSight Server). Scope has a simplified user interface that allows the live static measurement data being streamed from VibroSmart modules to be displayed. It also allows the control and monitoring of DSI inputs such as alarm bypass (AB), alarm reset (AR) and trip multiply (TM).

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