CE281 piezoelectric accelerometer

10 µA/g, −55 to 260 °C, up to 7000 Hz.

The CE281 piezoelectric accelerometer is a high-quality, high-reliability vibration sensor with a piezoelectric sensing element and attached electronics that provides a current output.

The CE281 is designed and built for long-term use in extreme environments characterised by high temperatures and/or hazardous areas (potentially explosive atmospheres).

  • Designed for the long-term measurement of vibration in severe environments, such as gearboxes, compressors, pumps and fans
  • Wide temperature range: −55 to 260 °C
  • High frequency response: up to 7000 Hz
  • Current output (10 µA/g) for signal transmission over long distances: up to 1000 m
  • Certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
PARAMETER Value (Imperial | Metric)
Output type Current (2-wire)
Sensitivity 10 µA/g | 1.02 µA / m/s2
Operating temperature range −67 to 500 °F | −55 to 260 °C
Frequency response 3 to 7000 Hz
Sensitivity tolerance ±5%
Dynamic measurement range 0.0001 to 200 g | 0.000981 to 1962 m/s2
Linearity ≤1%
Transverse sensitivity ≤3%
Resonant frequency 25 kHz
Base strain sensitivity 0.0025 g/µε
Type of electronics Attached
Hazardous area certifications Ex ia, Ex nA