VibroSmart® VSA005 19″ rack mounting BNC patch panel

The VibroSmart® VSA004 and VSA005 are accessories designed primarily for operation with the VibroSmart VSV300 vibration monitoring module. These accessories can be used to simplify installation and wiring of a VibroSmart distributed monitoring system when signal sharing of VSV300 buffered output signals is required via BNC connectors.

The VSA004 and VSA005 BNC patch panels are designed to provide permanently installed patch panels that make the buffered outputs from a VSV300 module available on BNC connectors in a rack, panel or other enclosure.

  • Designed for operation with the VSV300 monitoring module
  • Patch panel for use with the VSA003 cable assembly
  • 19″ rack mounting BNC patch panel with 21 slots
  • Each BNC patch panel slot supports supports three channels (one VSV300 module)
PARAMETER Value (Imperial | Metric)
Monitoring system (application) Machinery protection, condition monitoring, combustion monitoring
VibroSmart system function Accessory
VibroSmart system component Patch panel
VibroSmart component function Signal interface