VibroSmart® VSA301 buffered output amplifer

The VibroSmart® VSA301 buffered output amplifier connects to a VibroSmart® VSV300 module, in order to amplify and/or transmit the VSV300's buffered transducer (raw) signal outputs.

More specifically, the VSA301 amplifier makes the buffered outputs from a VSV300 module available at their original amplitude on the VSA301’s front-panel BNC connectors. In addition, two VSA301 amplifiers can be combined, in order allow the transmission of these buffered output signals over distances up to 500 m.

  • Designed for operation with the VSV300 monitoring module
  • Two dynamic channels with current or voltage inputs, AC or DC coupling, fixed-gain amplification of 10, and voltage and current outputs
  • One tachometer channel with current or voltage input, offset removal, 3.3 to 5.0 V digital level translation and a voltage output
  • Voltage signal transmission over short distances, up to 5 m
  • Current signal transmission over long distances, up to 500 m
PARAMETER Value (Imperial | Metric)
Monitoring system (application) Machinery protection, condition monitoring, combustion monitoring
VibroSmart system function Accessory
VibroSmart system component Amplifier and signal transmission device
VibroSmart component function Signal interface