VibroSmart® VSN010 real-time Ethernet switch

The VibroSmart® VSN010 real-time Ethernet switch is designed specifically for operation with VibroSmart modules connected in redundant network topologies, such as a redundant HSR (high-availability seamless redundancy) ring. The VSN010 switch acts as a communications gateway between networks of VibroSmart modules and standard Ethernet networks, which typically include the host computer running the VibroSight software.

The VSN010 module is a “redundancy box” that enables cost-effective redundant networks (HSR ring topology) of VibroSmart modules in applications where the cost of failure is high. It does this by acting as a gateway (communications bridge) between a redundant VibroSmart network and a standard Ethernet network, that is, it allows (doubly attached node implementing the HSR protocol) DANHs and SANs (singly attached nodes) to communicate.

  • Real-time Ethernet switch providing fault-tolerant protocol redundancy for networks
  • Redundant real-time communications based on high-availability seamless redundancy (HSR, IEC 62439-3) with zero recovery time
  • Redundant non-real-time communications based on the rapid spanning tree protocol (RSTP, IEEE 802.1D)
  • Enables cost-effective redundant networks of VibroSmart modules, with zero time to recovery for a single point of failure
  • Allows VibroSmart modules to be arranged in a HSR ring network topology for increased system availability
PARAMETER Value (Imperial | Metric)
Monitoring system (application) Machinery protection, condition monitoring, combustion monitoring
VibroSmart system function Common
VibroSmart system component Networking module
VibroSmart component function Real-time Ethernet switch